Hi, my name is Jennifer!
Lead Product Designer & UX Strategist with skills in interaction design, illustration and an understanding of front-end development. Founder of Laughing Lark Studio.
I love learning new technologies and thrive on challenges that allow me to collaborate with users to create simple and intuitive experiences. I have worked in the design industry for 15 years, building skills in UX/UI for web and mobile applications, interaction design, information architecture and usability testing. I enjoy playing around with different code frameworks when I get a chance.
For those that are curious, the reason I went with the name Laughing Lark Studio for my design consultancy is in honor of my grandmother. I grew up watching a lot of the old black and white movies with her. Danny Kaye was one of my favorite actors, although my grandmother found him to be too silly. The phrase, "happy as a lark" was said more than once in the movies I watched with her. It inspired me to name my design consultancy Laughing Lark to commemorate that time.